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Challenge is ours

Africa countries are facing climate change, due to development growths, population daily bad habits towards environment and lack of educations. Africa is one of the continents which is taking development flight. It’s compulsory to build strongest basement, to ensure lives safety and sustainable developments.

Engineers will play an essential role in attaining these SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by creating the environmentally-friendly technologies of the future.

Challenge is ours

About Us , CAPEAUX

To sum up about us, CAPEAUX  is an innovating company specialized in renovation, design & construction of sustainable buildings, but also deals in hydrogeology field.

Our purpose is to bring out a positive change for both people and planet, based on  genuine results ,effective comfort relying on sustainable development goals. Our challenges are to work under NKBA rules and regulations and UN Framework Convention Climate Change (UNFCCC) policies.

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About us

Our work quality’s completeness and efficiency usually depends on the accuracy and effectiveness of our Renovation & Building design working process.
Every project needs a well-detailed roadmap, that usually guides the renovation or construction process. In fact, Capeaux Renovation & Building Design provides several services to assist with the planning of your project. This includes planning and design, construction drawings, 3-D renderings, project management and interior design.

Capeaux renovation & building design provides all the services required to transform your dreams into reality , which meet your needs.

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About us
CAPEAUX is the innovating Accra (GHANA) Renovation & Green Building company. Operating in West-Africa, our purpose is to bring out creativity, luxury and comfort… More
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