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Capeaux  renovation & Building Design offers professional services, that uses specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and project construction, from its beginning to its end.

Guarantying your investment and your life safety are important, and requires expertise. Thus one of main reasons we take construction very seriously, concerning  renovations and building constructions and we think you need access right in your pocket. Managing project construction, according the budget and the schedule requires qualified manager. Our team challenge your concerns meeting building codes, plans and specifications. Here are 3 important phases of our working process  :

  • Initiation & Planning
  • Execution
  • Closure
This is the first phase of the project lifecycle.
In summary, any construction project management need to be evaluated (Quantities Bill & Cost Estimates). This is crucial to the two parties to have an idea about the size of the project and its feasibility.

As contractor, we ensure our clients with a detailed calendar that tracks current project status according to project plans.

Execution relies heavily on the planning phase.
This phase is most commonly associated with first step into construction execution. Pre-construction moreover confirm feasibility approval by the owner.

Customers are kings, and we really care about your concerns and satisfactions. For the most part, we offer 100% satisfactions workmanship and believe in competitive prices with exceptional quality.

Touch your dream by hand.
This is the last step into the construction project management, and definitely the best part of the adventure. In the long run, the owner touch his dream by hands, by  officially moving into his building. Warranty period begins,  to ensure all materials, equipment, and quality meet the owner expectations.
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CAPEAUX is the innovating Accra (GHANA) renovation & green building company. Operating in West-Africa, our purpose is to bring out creativity, luxury and comfort… More
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