Kitchen Renovation

You may need renovation, if you’ve recently afforded an old house or needed major upgrades of your living place. Kitchen is part of the masterpiece of a building, whose role was strictly an utilitarian place to cook. Nowadays, kitchen has evolved into the home.
Suitable kitchen isn’t only about appliances, but it also requires best kitchen interior design to meet comfort.
CAPEAUX  provides you, with creativity and best interior design options, the ‘be comfortable feeling‘ in your kitchens.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is the update, changes applied to a bathroom in a house either to deal with technical issues or to suit your comfort, enjoy more storage space.
Bathroom is the first piece of the house we usually go to, once we are awake and mostly after a full day to ease ourselves. It requires, therefore, space,comfort most importantly should affect our mood to have a pleasant satisfaction.
CAPEAUX provides the best services to suit your taste and a whole different level of seeing your bathroom transformed.

House Renovation

House renovation can often be subtle improving on the existing building, or could also be drastic like a remodel. Ruined house, mostly involves renovation than demolition,  often referred to “restoring” or “repairing” an existing structure. It comes to replace the old with the new aesthetical model without full demolishing. It is updating the same house with new architectural features.

CAPEAUX renovation services include  upgrading of your existing house and its interior design works. We are available at your door to give good services.

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CAPEAUX is the innovating Accra (GHANA) renovation & green building company. Operating in West-Africa, our purpose is to bring out creativity, luxury and comfort… More
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